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Pera sa Lumang Cellphone

Do your old Nokia 3310, 3210 & old model unused/broken cellphones clutter your life? No! Don’t think of throwing it away in the trash can. Think again. According to studies it’s harmful to the environment since it has ttoxic elements inside. There’s another solution. SELL IT HERE!! Nawalan ka na ng kalat nakatulong ka pa kay Inang Kalikasan at higit sa lahat nahkapera ka pa.

Why would other people want my junk?? That must surely come to your mind!

According to a blog I’ve read & some research, it contains a really little amount of gold that if accumulated can be make big money. Like what Gyeonggi Province in South Korea did.

Now don’t expect to crack open an old cell phone and find it gleaming like a polished nugget. Gold is used sparingly for plating contacts and in bonding wires within the integrated circuits. Computer circuit boards have far more gold. Exotic military and space equipment might be rich with it.

Ooops!! kahit buksan mo yang luma mong cellphone ngayon e wala kang mahuhukay na ginto. For your information di mo makikita yun kung di ka eksperto sa ganitong mga bagay. At kung sakaling makuha mo man ay almost wala ding silbi. Dapat itong ipunin at paramihin bago mapakinabangan

So what are you waiting for?? Sell it to the link above & get the most out of your trash!

Ooopss!! di po to adverstisement or promotion churva! Isa lang po akong simpleng mamamayan na concerned sa ating kalikasan!


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