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Civil Service Exam 2010

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The schedule for the 2010 CSE hasn’t been formally decided yet but I am certain that the first test will be given at around March. I am really anticipating for this coz I’m planning to take the said test & pass it.
I wish I’ll pass it on my first take. I don’t wanna retake. Oh God Help Me Please!
The guidelines, requirements & some other information necessary about it is listed below from
Forms are available on their website so you can just download it from there.
Here’s a copy I have obtained: (You can download it from HERE – just click the DOWNLOAD on the screen then save to your hadr drive)

• Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations are open to applicants regardless
of educational attainment.
• Applicants for both levels must:
– Be
Filipino citizens, at least 18 years old, and of good moral character;

Have no criminal record or have not been convicted by final judgment of an
offense or crime involving moral turpitude;

– Have not been dishonorably
discharged from military service or dismissed for cause from any civilian
position in the government; and

– Have not taken the same level of
career service examination within three (3) months from last examination taken,
or for those who have repeatedly failed, have not failed the same level of
examination for four times since October 2002.

The Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-Professional
levels) may be taken through either of the following modes:

1. Paper and
Pencil Test (PPT)
The CSE-PPT is conducted nationwide thrice a year. Filing
of applications for the CSE-PPT is through the CSC Regional or Field Offices.
Applicants are advised to refer to the Examination Announcement, which the
CSC officially issues for each schedule of the CSE-PPT.
2. Computer Assisted
Test (CAT)
The CSE-CAT is conducted in Civil Service Commission Central
Office (CSCCO), IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City, and in selected CSC
Regional Offices (CSCRO) such as CSC-CAR, Baguio City. For the schedule of
conduct of CSE-CAT, applicants are advised to coordinate/get in touch with the
CSCCO, or the concerned CSCRO. Please visit the CSC website for
the directory of CSC Central and Regional Offices.
1. Properly accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100,
Revised 2008);
2. Four (4) copies of identical I.D. pictures with
specifications, as follows:
a. 1.5″ x 2″ (Passport size)
b. Colored or
c. Printed on quality photo paper
d. Must show the
subject applicant in standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up)
e. With
full name tag
– The name tag must show the applicant’s First Name, Middle
Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name (if any).

– The name tag should
not be computer-generated, meaning, the applicant should have his/her picture
taken while holding his/her name tag.

f. Taken within the last three
months prior to filing of application

Note: The following pictures are
NOT accepted:

– Scanned, computer-enhanced, photocopied, and cut-out

– Pictures showing subject applicant not in close-up shot
(lower than shoulder level);

– Pictures with incomplete and/or
computer-generated name tag; and

– Pictures without name tag.

Original and photocopy of any valid I.D. card with name, picture and signature
of the applicant, and name and signature of the issuing officer (i.e. Driver’s
License, BIR ID, GSIS/SSS ID, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, current Office/School ID,
or valid Passport); and
4. Examination fee of P350 for the Paper and Pencil
Test (PPT), or P400 for Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
• Application forms may be secured from any CSC
Regional or Field Office, or downloaded from the CSC website
• For the CSE-PPT, applications must be filed at any CSC Regional or Field
Office. The CSC Central Office in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, does not accept
and process applications for CSE-PPT.
Deadline for filing of applications is
usually one month before the scheduled date of examination.
• For the
CSE-CAT, applications must be filed at the CSC Central Office, or at the
concerned CSC Regional Office.
• As a general rule, acceptance of
examination applications for both CSE-PPT and CSE-CAT is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Failure to come on the scheduled examination date would mean
forfeiture of examination slot and fee. No request for re-scheduling is allowed.
(Based on CSC
Resolution No. 021279 dated Oct. 7, 2002)
• Taking the Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations via paper and pencil test (PPT)
or computer assisted test (CAT) shall be once in three months and up to four
times only.
• An examinee failing on the 4th attempt can apply for the same
level of the career service examination only after two years from the date of
the 4th examination taken.

In English and Filipino: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage,
paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical
Subprofessional Level
In English and Filipino: vocabulary,
grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension,
clerical operations, and numerical reasoning.
Both levels of the examination
will have general information questions on Philippine Constitution; Code of
Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R. A. 6713);
peace and human rights issues and concepts; and environment management and
G. PASSING RATE: Eighty (80)

Results of the CSE-PPT are usually released from three to
four months after the examination. The names of passed examinees shall be posted
at the CSC website
Those who passed the examination must
personally claim their Certificates of Eligibility at the CSC Regional
Office/Field Office upon presentation of required documents. On the other hand,
those who failed the examination may secure a copy of their Report of Rating
through the CSC website. No Report of Rating shall be mailed to those who
failed. To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in
his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination
type. Thus, examinees are advised to safe keep or remember their examinee number
until receipt of the examination result.
Results of the
CSE-CAT are usually released within two to three hours after the examination.
Examinees are strongly advised to wait for the examination results. Those who
passed shall receive their Certificate of Eligibility, while those who failed
shall receive their Report of Rating. Should an examinee fail to claim/receive
his/her examination result on the examination day, he/she has to personally
return at a later date to claim either his/her Certificate of Eligibility or
Report of Rating.
The names of passed CSE-CAT examinees shall be posted at
the CSC website.
Meanwhile, a copy of the Report of Rating of failed
examinees may also be secured through the CSC website. To secure a copy of the
Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee
number, examination date, and examination type.


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..Manila – the City of Urinals??

This is realy funny so I found the need to repost it. I found this from the opinion column of Manila Bulletin online.
City of Urinals
January 6, 2010, 5:52pm
PARIS, “city of lights;” Singapore, “the garden city” – so why
not Metro Manila, “city of urinals”?

They can be pink for the boys and
green for the girls, but under an obviously gender-sensitive chairman, the Metro
Manila Development Authority could soon carry the pee-in-the-city campaign to
new heights by introducing yellow urinals for the third sex and rainbow-hued
ones for children. And how about purple urinals for the disabled, red ones for
tourists, and black ones for politicians?

Urinals for women! This is
absurd! Is the new MMDA chairman, a retired judge, trying to be cute? Is this a
side-effect of his recent participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival, where
he rubbed elbows with showbiz celebs? Or is it due to the lingering influence of
Bayani Fernando? Oh, yes, someone in MMDA did say that “women have been
insisting that they want their own urinals.”

How many women? What types
of women? Women who sell cement, pipes, paint, tiles, washbowls, toilet bowls?
Women who walk the streets for a living? And would Chairman Inocentes, who looks
like a very conservative, well-mannered gentleman of the old school, allow his
wife, daughters, and granddaughters to pee into a bowl planted tentatively into
the pavement of a busy street?

If MMDA doesn’t know what to do with its
5 percent take from its 17 cities, the chairman could start with 1) painting the
overpasses and underpasses; 2) modernizing the flood control system and building
a network of sewers; 3) planting more trees and cadena de amor (but for sure, a
new chairman would want a new vine, one he can call his own?); 4) installing
directional signs; 5) moving bus terminals out of EDSA; 6) finding a smart
lawyer who will argue that billboards that deface the city cannot be protected
by private-property laws but must answer to a higher law, the law of order,
beauty and the common good.

Metro Manila, ugly enough as it is, has no
room for sidewalk urinals for women. If MMDA cannot understand that, you can
piss off!

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.pink & apple green. – soon to pervade Manila

Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
former MMDA chair Bayani Fernando now running for vice presidency
Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
According to the news I’ve read from Manila Bulletin Online, the new MMDA Chairman Sec. Oscar Inocentes will alter the famous MMDA trademark color. The pink street urinals, steel fences & highway waiting sheds will remain but the new projects will be altered to apple green due to the Chair’s liking.
Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
New Chair Sec. Oscar Inocentes

So sooner or later we’ll be seeing the combined colors permeate the streets..& main highways.

What an annoying scene it will be.Why change the trademark color of the agency? Is it for pride it brings to the former executor?? Tao nga naman oo.. so I think the new chairman will be making his own trademark color. Then after his tenure I wonder what will be the next…

Let’s say after few years of different chairmen taking office in the agency, then Manila is doomed for having colorful signs & street parafernalias.
Below is the original articel from the MB site.
New color disappoints Fernando
January 6, 2010, 7:50pm
Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
Chairman Bayani Fernando and road users have expressed disappointment over the
plan of the new agency chair, with only less than five months in office, to
change his signature color from pink to apple green.

nang-hihinayang dahil sa ang kulay pink ay nagkaroon na ng kahulugan sa atin.
Nagkaroon na ng karakter ang Metro Manila at nakilala tayo dahil sa buong mundo
tayo lang ang may kulay na ganito,” Fernando said.

MMDA Chairman Oscar
Inocentes said that the color of the agency’s new projects will be apple green
and would not carry color pink, a color identified with Fernando.

Inocentes clarified that existing pink-colored road structures will
remain unless they will be changed or the color tarnished due to high cost.

“Yung mga bagong projects lang, ito lang ang papalitan, yung mga
existing, hindi natin babaguhin ang kulay kasi very high cost kung gagawin yon,”
he explained.

Inocentes said that that color green support’s national
government’s campaign against anti-pollution and climate change, as part of the
“Metro Green” project.

During the seven-year stint of Fernando, he
painted the signs, steel fences, urinals on thoroughfares with pink under the
Metro Gwapo project.

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Voter’s Registration Extended to January 9, 2010

Here’s an article from the Supreme Court site: Click here for the original link.

SC Extends Voters Registration until January 9, 2010

Decemberr 15, 2009
By Jay B. Rempillo

Voters for the May 10,
2010 elections can register until January 9, 2010.

Finding the petition
impressed with merit, the Supreme Court, by a unanimous vote, today granted the
petition to extend the voters registration and declared null and void the
Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution No. 8585 insofar as it set the
deadline of voter registration for the 2010 polls on October 31, 2009.

In a nine-page decision penned by Justice Conchita Carpio Morales, the
Court also directed the COMELEC to proceed with dispatch in reopening the
registration of voters and holding the same until January 9, 2010. It said its
decision is immediately executory.

The Court said that it did not find
any ground to hold that the mandate of continuing voter registration cannot be
reasonably held within the period provided by RA 8189, The Voter’s Registration
Act of 1996. It stressed that RA 6646 (The Electoral Reforms Law of 1987) and RA
8436 (An Act Authorizing the COMELEC to Use an Automated Election System in the
May 11, 1998 National or Local Elections and in Subsequent National and Local
Electoral Exercises, Providing Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes) grant the
poll body the power to fix other periods and dates for pre-election activities
“only if the same cannot be reasonably held within the period provided by law.”
There is thus no occasion for the COMELEC to exercise its power to fix other
dates or deadlines therefor, it added.

Citing sec. 8 of RA 8189, the
Court held that Congress itself has determined that the period of 120 days
before a regular election and 90 days before a special election is enough time
for the COMELEC to make all the necessary preparations with respect to the
coming elections. The preparations include (1) completion of project precincts,
(2) constitution of the Board of Election Inspectors, (3) finalizing the
Computerized Voters List, (4) supervision of the campaign period, and (5)
preparation, bidding, printing, and distribution of Voter’s Information Sheet.
The Court said that such determination of Congress is well within the ambit of
its legislative power, which the High Court is bound to respect, and that the
COMELEC’s rule-making power should be exercised in accordance with the
prevailing law.

“The clear text of the law thus decrees that voters be
allowed to register daily during regular offices hours, except during the period
starting 120 days before a regular election and 90 days before a special
election,” said the Court.

The petition before the High Court was filed
by Raymond V. Palatino, a youth sectoral representative under the Kabataan
Party-list, and other concerned citizens. (GR No. 189868, Palatino v. COMELEC,
December 15, 2009)

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2010 Elections! Vote & Register

My Turn

Boto Mo, Boses Mo!

Magparehistro, Bumoto, May Pag-asa Pa!

Your Vote, Your Voice!

Those are just a few of the messages on different tarpaulins that are scattered & posted on MRT’s, LRT’s electric posts persuading qualified ones especially the youth to vote this coming May 2010 National Elections. Millions of pesos are being spent for these ads. They are taking so many efforts to encourage us, the youth & first time voters to vote.

Have you ever thought why it’s such a big deal??

Dahil san mo man tingnan, tayo pa rin ang pag-asa ng bayan. Oo gasgas na nga. At madami na din ang di naniniwala pero tayo na ngayon ang nagiging mayorya. This is not only based on our national hero’s claim. According to an article from Philippine star, roughly 30 million voters will come from the age bracket of 18-40 years old (United Nation’s definition of youth). And we, (mostly those who are in their 2nd year) are one of them.

Narinig mo na rin ba yung high school teacher mo noon na nagsabi na bata ang populasyon? That is based on the 1995 consensus. So it’s 13 years ago which means that that statement has been profoundly taking effect through time. Di naman babata ang matatanda diba?

We can shape our nation’s future. That is….. if we decide to go out to register for the meantime.

Nothing could be accomplished unless we take the first step. So here are some guidelines on how you can register.

Ang kwalipikadong bumoto ay:
) Mamamayan ng Pilipinas.b) Labing-walong (18) taong gulang o higit pa.c) Naninirahan sa Pilipinas ng hindi bababa sa isang (1) taon at anim (6) na buwan sa barangay kung saan nais niyang bumoto bago maghalalan.d) Hindi diskuwalipikado ng batas.e) Hindi pa rehistrado.

A) Ang aplikante ay personal na magpaparehistro sa Election Officer (EO). Magdala ng mga dokumentong magpapatunay ng inyong pagkakakilanlan katulad ng mga sumusunod:

1. I.D na may lagda ng opisyal ng kumpanyang pinaglilingkuran.2. Postal I.D.3. Student’s I.D. or library card na may lagda ng opisyal ng paaralan.4. Senior Citizen’s ID.5. Driver’s license.6. NBI/PNP clearance.7. Passport8. SSS/GSIS ID9. PRC License.
Kung walang dalang dokumento na katulad ng nabanggit sa itaas, ang botante ay puwedeng kilalanin (under oath) ng mga sumusunod:
Kahit sinong rehistradong botante sa presinto o
Kahit sinong malapit na kamag-anak ng botante.
Ang Community Tax o Cedula o (sertipikasyon ng pagkakakilanlan) na galing sa opisyal ng barangay ay hindi tatanggapin.
Note: Registration is from December 02, until October 31, 2009 – This was extended to November.
It is easy to be cynical. It is easy to stand on the side lines, throw jeers and send out sighs of disappointment about the issues that bombard our country. It is easier to lay back, throw eloquent criticisms at the government, and enjoy the privilege of being an anonymous disgruntled Filipino citizen. But to actually endeavor to be part of the solution– is a more noteworthy task than watching the Philippines sink deeper into its own mud hole.” – a quote from one blogger. I forgot the name.

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The Wrath of ‘Ondoy’ – September 26,2009

Poor dog, struggling to save it’s life.

High places not spared!

A roof of a red car seen here.

Rescue operations!

These pictures are copied from GMA’s facebook account.


Dead end

Filipinos have become innoveative. We’ve come up with different types of tranportations.

Poor little girl, she’s carrying a very heavy baggage.

The boy seems to be enjoying the flood!

Luxury did’nt ensure safety!

Photos Barangka, Marcos Highway, Katipunan

Salesgirls of the Super K drug store at the Farmer’s Plaza said waist-high flood waters breached the glass walls of the shop, sending the products piled on the shelves crashing to the floor. On Sunday morning, the staff was busy sweeping the shattered glass from the wet floor and stuffing the products into black trash bags.

Near the entrance to the LRT station in Cubao, a man put on his shoes before entering the mall with his mud-splashed laptop bag. His companion still had mud up to his knees, and both were carrying filthy rucksacks that seemed to have been hastily packed.

The start of it all!!

Ayala Makati

( Burgos Circle at Fort Bonifacio)

(Taft Avenue, Manila)

( Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City)

( Park 9 Alley, where the Barangay Hall of Loyola Heights is located)

Heres’s a video:

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Melancholic ‘Ondoy’

These phots are all from manila Bulletin Online site.

Large areas of Taguig City remain under water as seen in this photograph taken from a plane taking off from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Monday afternoon.


Risking electrocution, residents stand on and cling to electric cables, while others negotiate neck-deep floodwaters in Cainta, Rizal, Saturday, September 26, 2009. (REUTERS)


An aerial view from a helicopter shows a mass of vehicles stuck atop a bridge in Cainta, Rizal. The vehicles were stranded at the height of tropical storm Ondoy as floodwaters submerged a wide area of Metro Manila. (EPA)

I am deeply saddened to see the aftermath of typhoon “Ondoy”…. how can this be possible?? I see pictures of babies burried alive in their homes.. T.T..those innocent lives…

—> This is the body of two-year-old Ian Colagong dug up from the mud after his house, situated near a river at the mountainside barangay of San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal, was buried in a mudslide Saturday morning. Colagong and his six brothers all died inside their house. (Photo by LINUS ESCANDOR) – photo credit from manila bulletin online

It really tears my heart into pieces….knowing that when this tragedy was happening…I was there having fun in “wildlife” in QC. I want to do something now..but I am stucked here in the office…in front of my computer…. I can’t donate money coz I also need some. I hope my prayer could form a huge voice in heaven for the lost souls…especially the innocent ones….those who aren’t strong enough to defend & save their lives….not old enough to scream for help!!

I just can’t sit here….I just can’t shed a tear…I have to do something…..not just me but all of us!

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