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The Crossroads Sacked for Telling the Truth

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My fellow Crossroads staffer had a meeting with Mrs. F last week then after that I’ve heard that the whole staff is going to be replaced!! I didn’t feel neither remorse nor regret. I don’t have to. I’d prefer not to be a staff there & cling to the truth than blindly follow & adhere to their rules. I don’t wanna be a puppet of the administrtion.
Sour graping??? Oh definitely not!
The inside of the university is higly politicized. It is an emblem of our present government. Press freedom is supressed. If you detract & criticize them you are an enemy. I wonder who will be the new set of staff who will follow blindly the powers-that be.


I know that the org has some share of blunders also but it is not enough to eliminate them. Just because of an opinionated article implying the truth?? Who are they to tell us what is real?? They are always inside their airconditioned offices. They don’t see the university from our eyes. They don’t experience standing the whole class, they don’t walk along the court with fear that they might be hit by a ball, they don’t endure the heat of the noon sun inside the closely crowded rooms, they don’t experience being clueless about a lot of subjects they are supposed to master, they don’t feel the void being desparately filled with the pageants, activities & programs. They don’t experience reciting & at the same time trying to outvoice the noise outside. They definitely don’t & will ever understand unless they admit that what’s on the paper is true.
Ignorance ends when we try to admit it.
So for now…that our term has ended….I will continue what I promised myself to uphold. the truth. And this blog will be my medium.
Well I’m not just going to stand aside & watch my university sink into the mud. I still can do something!
We all can.
You know we are just a group of people whoe writes what we see. We write the good & bad ones. It’s that the bad ones outweigh the good ones. What can we do? Fabricate it & compromise the truth? NO WAY!!
I’ve read from a shirt print

“Student Journalists should make a headline, not make


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