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Payment Schemes

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In University of Caloocan City

there are 2 schemes for tution fee.

Scheme 1 – for Caloocan City Residents – the tution fee ranges from 1,000 – 1,500

But before you could ever gain this you have to go through a lot.

1. You have to show your high school & elementary diploma saying that you grdauated in a school within the boundaries of Caloocan City.

2. Your parent(s) must have a voter’s ID showing that the are registered in caloocan City.

3. For originally non-Caloocan resident like me..I had to register in COMELEC, show my voter’s certificate, have a confirmation signed by the registrar that you ae now on the scheme 1.

Scheme 2 – For non-Caloocan residents

I used to be in this scheme. I paid around 2,000 – 3,000 pesos when I was in first year. It really looks cheap already when compared to other university’s fee but when you compare it to your fellow classmates in the scheme 1 you’d think that it’s unfair!

You can pay partially when you are in Scheme 2 – but you have to pay the rest before the midterm or final exam. For scheme 1 it’s also possible to pay partially but you’d have to make a letter stating your reason & you have to be there personally.
2. Org Fee – this one is based on the department you belong to. For instance In Psychology Department, we have the Psychological Society – we pay 40 pesos each. Other courses pay 70 pesos & less.
3. The Crossroads – here we pay 4o pesos each sem. But just recently we did not pay for it since there is some problem between the org & the admin.
4. There’s also the insurance which is I think around 15 pesos. This is paid every school year.
5. When you’ll be having computer subjects you also have to pay extra for the lab fee – it’s for the use of computer & aircon & etc.

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