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Psych Week 2009

Last Sunday, November 29, 2009 our department had The ’09 Psych Week. We had different events like quiz bee & Psych feud which imitated the game mechanics of the GMA show The Family Feud! I wasn’t able to watch the latter but I was able to experience the former (Quiz Bee) not as a contestant but as the host!
I was really giddy when Michael, my fellow 3rd year student approached me, asked about my work schedule & asked if I could host the quiz bee along with him. He said we’d be reading the questions. I didn’t hesitate so I said YES immediately although I dont have any experience doing it.
The Quiz Bee day came & I was very nervous & anxious at first. I tried to convince myself & my partner that we could do it. And so it begun!!
The start was a bit ridiculous. My partner & I stuttered because of the unclear guidelines which we read & some revised questions. But as the event passed by & we finished the easy round, everything became easy. I felt at ease so I just acted naturally without reading the scripts I have prepared. I was satisfied with the job. Not bad for a total amateur although someone commented that she couldn’t understand me. I think it’s the american acccent that I used that’s not understandable. Well anyway I have though of it several times & realized it wouldn’t do me any good if I linger on that memory. What’s important is that I did my best. I don’t care if they are pleased, as long as I did the job assigned to me. I felt happy & enjoyed the event. I hope I’ll be given oppotunities to do the same again!! It was frightening to see a lot of people & know that they have probing ears. Well it’s inevitable. I care less.
I hope to procure some pictures form the event next time!! I didn’t have a camera then so there’s no waay I can put some pics here…..hopefuly soooonn!!

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Currently, there are 3 majors in BS PSYCHOLOGY

1. IP – Industrial Psychology – as the name suggests this is about HR. The theories & organizational strategies in a working place.

Probable Jobs: HR Staff, Office Staff & etc.

2. SPED – Special Education – this focuses on educating special children.

Practices involved: Sign Language, Knowledge on different cases of special children.

Probable Jobs: SPED Teacher

3. GC – Guidance & Counselling – this focuses on school settings

Probable Jobs: School Guidance Counsellor & etc…

Department Head of Psychology Department: Dr. Bernadeth Enriquez

* Don’t say BS Psycho if you don’t to be glared at by Psych majors. It should be Psych pronounced like SAYK

*The majors are determined on the 2nd semester of 3rd Year – You’ll be the one to decide about that but it will also depend on your GWA or generalweighted average.

Note: The majors do not limit a student to only one type of job. For example an IP major doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can’t be a school guidance counsellor or vice versa.

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UCC Basic Info

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University of Caloocan City

The University of Caloocan City (UCC) is located in Sangandaan, Caloocan City, the Philippines. UCC-Main is at Sangandaan Annexes, Tandang Sora, Camarin and Buena Park.

The University of Caloocan City was formed in 2004 out of Caloocan City Polytechnic College, which had been founded in 1971.

Its first programs are Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Industrial Education (BSIE) and B.S. Business Technology (BSBT).

The school had first been located in a building at Caloocan High School. It transferred to its present location (at General San. Miguel St. Sangandaan, Caloocan City) when the first building burned.

CCPC or Caloocan City Polytechnic College started as a two-year course college in 1971 and offered four-year courses in 1975. Its first programs are Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Education (BSIE) and B.S. Business Technology (BSBT).

In January 23, 2004, Caloocan City Council unanimously approved the Ordinance 1020-2003 principally authored by then councilor Gonzalez Jr. authorized the city government to convert the existing Caloocan City Polytechnic College into a full-pledged university. The initially city hall-funded tertiary educational institution will henceforth be called as University of Caloocan City, the lone public university in Caloocan.

In April 20, 2006, the 32nd Commencement Exercise took place at Folk Arts Theater, Manila. BSIE is the first to call to come at the stage which is a tradition at the Commencement Exercises.

In 2004, the Caloocan City Polytechnic College (CCPC) became a full-fledged university, and offers a wide array of courses from different studies, namely:
Different Courses:
College of Education
Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED)
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Technology and Livelihood Education (BSE-TLE)
Bachelor of Science major in Science (BS-SCI)
College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BST)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPSYCH)
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (ABPOLSCI)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (ABMATH)
Bachelor of Arts in English (ABENGLISH)
Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM)
Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)
College of Business and Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Major in:
Accountancy (BSA)
Management Accounting (BSBAMNAC)
Management (BSBA)
Marketing (BSBAMKTG)
Marketing Management (BSBAMKTGMGT)
Financial Management (BSBAFMGT)
Human Resource Department Management (BSBAHRDM)
College of Computer Studies
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCOMSCI)
Bachelor of Science in Office Adminitration (BSOAd)
Bachelor in Science in Information Management (BSIM)
2-years computer secretarial (Ladderized)
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