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BS PSYCHOLOGY Majors in ABS-CBN It’s Showtime

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I was surprised to have a call from my sister & receive the news that my classmastes are on TV!! I quickly looked for a TV but there was none in our boarding house. So I just settled in my sister’s narration of what was happening already on TV.
Last Dec. 15, 15 of my classmates & friends from Psychology department bravely treaded the path to the ABS-CBN office & registered themselves as audiences. They got a little help from a tour guide once assigned there (Moises Fuentes & company). It was such a great exoperience for them so I am really happy & proud!
By the way, ate Realyn Castillo was given the privilege to act as a host of the show for some short while & she did it very well.
To view the said episode of IT”S SHOWTIME click here. But beware, the video is not that clear & it is also kind of blurred. Be patient. I am trying my best to look for a clearer copy but its unavailble from the web!

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Job Posts For Psych Majors

POsts taken from:
at PinnacleAsia Outsourcing Company in Pasig
PinncleAsia Outsourcing Company is HR outsoucing Services.We hanlde Executive,Managment and Technical Search to our clients. we handle one of the leading and well known company here in our country.






Interested candidate submit to us your updated resume at or call 7064311 look for ghe.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Gerald Paul Orbe
Recruitment SPecialist
PinnacleAsia Outsourcing Company

Dec 17: Date POsted


IKON Solutions Asia Inc needs HR-OJT applicants.

Job Requirements:

– Male or Female
– Psychology, Business Admin and other related courses
– Students who can support the HR Department


On the Job Trainees will basically support our Recruitment Team in Sourcing and Processing Applicants.

Interested students, may send your resume to or call 8403252 loc 102 and look for Joan Reyes for more details.

Visit their office located at:
7f Athenaeum Bldg.
160 LP Leviste St.
Salcedo Village
Makati City

Nov 25: Date Posted


at MEGA Publishing Group in Pasig
Mega Publishing group is currently hiring OJT applicants for their OJT Program.

Job Description: Human Resources

Job Responsibilities:

The OJT will assist the HR supervisor in sourcing applicants, arranging and organizing the 201 files of employees and scheduling of applicants for interview.

Interested applicants must possess the following qualifications:

-Female – 18 to 20 years old;
-Currently in College taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Human Resources Management, Behavioral Science or any related course;
-Organized, articulate with good oral and written communication skills;
-Can start immediately

Qualified applicants can send their comprehensive resumes with picture to:

You can visit their office located at:

18th Floor Strata 100 Building,
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Ave.),
Ortigas, Pasig City

Nov 25: Date Posted

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3rd Year Industrial Psychology Majors (2nd Sem) – The Subjects

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Aesthetics
  • Elective 1 – Human Behavior in Organization
  • Elective 2 – Personnel Management
  • Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Office Procedures
I think our professors now are all very good. (Prof. Dantay, Matula, Tulod, Yaptangco, Tumambing & Tarnate) Because they have induced curiousity & motivation in me. I am now trying realy hard in all my subjects because of them. I also met some who are really strict in attendance & projects & most of all the one I’m dreading PUNCTUALITY. I’ve already been reprimanded by two of my professors so now I’m literally dragging myself out of the bed every morning. Another problem I encounter is the icy cold morning running water. I now fear taking a bath in the morning, but I do it anyway…no choice!

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Second Sem

I am finally feeling the pressure of the 2nd semester of 2009-2010 school year! Projects here…projects there… payments here..payments there…assignments here..assignments there. Ah It’s very tiresome yet really gratifying at the same time. This is another challenge I have to face. I now have to be more serious in my endeavour for a diploma. I have new classmates so I am so challenged to do my best although I lack time in preparation. So far I can say I’m doing better than expected! I get higher scores than those who aren’t worki8ng. I actively participate in all the subjects’ group discussion & recitation. I am so happy to be back to school again.
I’ve been thinking lately…… about all the things that passes through my delicate ear. They all sound familiar but strange. I notice that I’m having difficulty in retaining them in my memory and also trying to absorb them in my system. But with due effort I am improving.

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Psych Week 2009

Last Sunday, November 29, 2009 our department had The ’09 Psych Week. We had different events like quiz bee & Psych feud which imitated the game mechanics of the GMA show The Family Feud! I wasn’t able to watch the latter but I was able to experience the former (Quiz Bee) not as a contestant but as the host!
I was really giddy when Michael, my fellow 3rd year student approached me, asked about my work schedule & asked if I could host the quiz bee along with him. He said we’d be reading the questions. I didn’t hesitate so I said YES immediately although I dont have any experience doing it.
The Quiz Bee day came & I was very nervous & anxious at first. I tried to convince myself & my partner that we could do it. And so it begun!!
The start was a bit ridiculous. My partner & I stuttered because of the unclear guidelines which we read & some revised questions. But as the event passed by & we finished the easy round, everything became easy. I felt at ease so I just acted naturally without reading the scripts I have prepared. I was satisfied with the job. Not bad for a total amateur although someone commented that she couldn’t understand me. I think it’s the american acccent that I used that’s not understandable. Well anyway I have though of it several times & realized it wouldn’t do me any good if I linger on that memory. What’s important is that I did my best. I don’t care if they are pleased, as long as I did the job assigned to me. I felt happy & enjoyed the event. I hope I’ll be given oppotunities to do the same again!! It was frightening to see a lot of people & know that they have probing ears. Well it’s inevitable. I care less.
I hope to procure some pictures form the event next time!! I didn’t have a camera then so there’s no waay I can put some pics here…..hopefuly soooonn!!

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