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.pink & apple green. – soon to pervade Manila

Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
former MMDA chair Bayani Fernando now running for vice presidency
Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
According to the news I’ve read from Manila Bulletin Online, the new MMDA Chairman Sec. Oscar Inocentes will alter the famous MMDA trademark color. The pink street urinals, steel fences & highway waiting sheds will remain but the new projects will be altered to apple green due to the Chair’s liking.
Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
New Chair Sec. Oscar Inocentes

So sooner or later we’ll be seeing the combined colors permeate the streets..& main highways.

What an annoying scene it will be.Why change the trademark color of the agency? Is it for pride it brings to the former executor?? Tao nga naman oo.. so I think the new chairman will be making his own trademark color. Then after his tenure I wonder what will be the next…

Let’s say after few years of different chairmen taking office in the agency, then Manila is doomed for having colorful signs & street parafernalias.
Below is the original articel from the MB site.
New color disappoints Fernando
January 6, 2010, 7:50pm
Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
Chairman Bayani Fernando and road users have expressed disappointment over the
plan of the new agency chair, with only less than five months in office, to
change his signature color from pink to apple green.

nang-hihinayang dahil sa ang kulay pink ay nagkaroon na ng kahulugan sa atin.
Nagkaroon na ng karakter ang Metro Manila at nakilala tayo dahil sa buong mundo
tayo lang ang may kulay na ganito,” Fernando said.

MMDA Chairman Oscar
Inocentes said that the color of the agency’s new projects will be apple green
and would not carry color pink, a color identified with Fernando.

Inocentes clarified that existing pink-colored road structures will
remain unless they will be changed or the color tarnished due to high cost.

“Yung mga bagong projects lang, ito lang ang papalitan, yung mga
existing, hindi natin babaguhin ang kulay kasi very high cost kung gagawin yon,”
he explained.

Inocentes said that that color green support’s national
government’s campaign against anti-pollution and climate change, as part of the
“Metro Green” project.

During the seven-year stint of Fernando, he
painted the signs, steel fences, urinals on thoroughfares with pink under the
Metro Gwapo project.


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