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..Manila – the City of Urinals??

This is realy funny so I found the need to repost it. I found this from the opinion column of Manila Bulletin online.
City of Urinals
January 6, 2010, 5:52pm
PARIS, “city of lights;” Singapore, “the garden city” – so why
not Metro Manila, “city of urinals”?

They can be pink for the boys and
green for the girls, but under an obviously gender-sensitive chairman, the Metro
Manila Development Authority could soon carry the pee-in-the-city campaign to
new heights by introducing yellow urinals for the third sex and rainbow-hued
ones for children. And how about purple urinals for the disabled, red ones for
tourists, and black ones for politicians?

Urinals for women! This is
absurd! Is the new MMDA chairman, a retired judge, trying to be cute? Is this a
side-effect of his recent participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival, where
he rubbed elbows with showbiz celebs? Or is it due to the lingering influence of
Bayani Fernando? Oh, yes, someone in MMDA did say that “women have been
insisting that they want their own urinals.”

How many women? What types
of women? Women who sell cement, pipes, paint, tiles, washbowls, toilet bowls?
Women who walk the streets for a living? And would Chairman Inocentes, who looks
like a very conservative, well-mannered gentleman of the old school, allow his
wife, daughters, and granddaughters to pee into a bowl planted tentatively into
the pavement of a busy street?

If MMDA doesn’t know what to do with its
5 percent take from its 17 cities, the chairman could start with 1) painting the
overpasses and underpasses; 2) modernizing the flood control system and building
a network of sewers; 3) planting more trees and cadena de amor (but for sure, a
new chairman would want a new vine, one he can call his own?); 4) installing
directional signs; 5) moving bus terminals out of EDSA; 6) finding a smart
lawyer who will argue that billboards that deface the city cannot be protected
by private-property laws but must answer to a higher law, the law of order,
beauty and the common good.

Metro Manila, ugly enough as it is, has no
room for sidewalk urinals for women. If MMDA cannot understand that, you can
piss off!


January 7, 2010 - Posted by | Manila Survival, Social Issues/problems

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