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MAPE TV 5’s Talentadong Pinoy Man!!

Matagal na po to pero post ko parin!!
Si JR Mape! I had the privilege to interview him for THE CROSSROADS last …. I forgot the date..really long time ago! hehehehe.It was the first time he won in Talentadong Pinoy. It made to the news around the campus not just in Camarin where he truly belongs but also in the 5 campuses of UCC. He’s an AB Math 3rd year then. He was really fun & easy to talk to. I’m personally amazed with this guy because he was able to develop those talents from scratch. He just got some of his first instruments from junk! He can do dice stacking, rubiks (blindfolded), play the guitar, violin & a lot more. He’s from no musical clan or whatever. He’s just a simple guy who tried his luck to showcase his unique talent on TV. He even played violin for me once & I wa struly mesmerized. Ilokano din pala siya.

Here’s a video clip:

Video Credit:

Based on some background research I did on the net about him, I have found out that he joined different rubiks contest locally & internationally he ranked 4th, 3rd sometimes 1st! That was really quite unique for a pinoy isn’t it? He laong with his younger brother also appeared in WOWOWEE, EATBULAGA & SIS. (spell exposure?)
Another video clip from Bulacan Open 2009:
Video Credit:http:http//

Mape in Wowowee

Video Credit:

Although most of us UCCians are poor we stil strive & compete with others. We also have talents that if harnessed can be a source of pride for our fellow students.

We are used to doing things from scratch. We are used of getting the best out of the least. We learn to take advantage of every environment we land to improve ourselves & not just wait of what the university can offer. The real world is our training ground! So who said we lack facilities??


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