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Psych Week 2009

Last Sunday, November 29, 2009 our department had The ’09 Psych Week. We had different events like quiz bee & Psych feud which imitated the game mechanics of the GMA show The Family Feud! I wasn’t able to watch the latter but I was able to experience the former (Quiz Bee) not as a contestant but as the host!
I was really giddy when Michael, my fellow 3rd year student approached me, asked about my work schedule & asked if I could host the quiz bee along with him. He said we’d be reading the questions. I didn’t hesitate so I said YES immediately although I dont have any experience doing it.
The Quiz Bee day came & I was very nervous & anxious at first. I tried to convince myself & my partner that we could do it. And so it begun!!
The start was a bit ridiculous. My partner & I stuttered because of the unclear guidelines which we read & some revised questions. But as the event passed by & we finished the easy round, everything became easy. I felt at ease so I just acted naturally without reading the scripts I have prepared. I was satisfied with the job. Not bad for a total amateur although someone commented that she couldn’t understand me. I think it’s the american acccent that I used that’s not understandable. Well anyway I have though of it several times & realized it wouldn’t do me any good if I linger on that memory. What’s important is that I did my best. I don’t care if they are pleased, as long as I did the job assigned to me. I felt happy & enjoyed the event. I hope I’ll be given oppotunities to do the same again!! It was frightening to see a lot of people & know that they have probing ears. Well it’s inevitable. I care less.
I hope to procure some pictures form the event next time!! I didn’t have a camera then so there’s no waay I can put some pics here…..hopefuly soooonn!!

December 1, 2009 - Posted by | BS Psychology, Courses/Majors

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