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Currently, there are 3 majors in BS PSYCHOLOGY

1. IP – Industrial Psychology – as the name suggests this is about HR. The theories & organizational strategies in a working place.

Probable Jobs: HR Staff, Office Staff & etc.

2. SPED – Special Education – this focuses on educating special children.

Practices involved: Sign Language, Knowledge on different cases of special children.

Probable Jobs: SPED Teacher

3. GC – Guidance & Counselling – this focuses on school settings

Probable Jobs: School Guidance Counsellor & etc…

Department Head of Psychology Department: Dr. Bernadeth Enriquez

* Don’t say BS Psycho if you don’t to be glared at by Psych majors. It should be Psych pronounced like SAYK

*The majors are determined on the 2nd semester of 3rd Year – You’ll be the one to decide about that but it will also depend on your GWA or generalweighted average.

Note: The majors do not limit a student to only one type of job. For example an IP major doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can’t be a school guidance counsellor or vice versa.


November 25, 2009 - Posted by | Courses/Majors

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  1. I'm IP major!! & happy about that<<<

    Comment by Jill | November 25, 2009 | Reply

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