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Wala kang pera pero gusto mong mag-aral??

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            • Do you have the strong desire to improve the quality of your life??
            • Are you willing to find ways to continue your studies?? (college, highschool)
            • Are you hardworking enough to do something about your future??

            If your answer is a big YES, then you deserve a chance for scholarships.

            Usually when we hear SCHOLARSHIPS we think of some geek & brilliant students who can solve mathematical equations, speak fluent English & top students in their school/class & etc. It somehow intimidates us at times. (Like what happened to me) But scholarships are not all about that. Sometimes ATTITUDE is more important. As long as you have strong DETERMINATION to do something about your life then you deserve to know that there are certain scholarships & opportunities for you.


            1. Find a part-time/full-time jobs.

            This seems very difficult considering the schedule but it’s POSSIBLE. You can arrange your schedule to fit your working hours. Sometimes you’d have to drop some subjects. It’s inevitable. It’s better that way than just be a “tambay” & let yourself rot at home doing nothing.

            If you really are determined, you wouldn’t mind the tiresome fastfood jobs. Here in Manila, Caloocan to be specific I see schoolmates scattered around Sm Fairview & Robinson. Some are in either Jollibbee, McDonalds or SM Supermarket/hypermarket.

            Some also are very innovative that they attend vocational training offered by TESDA (to know more about TESDA, click here) & render their own services like pedicure, manicure & etc. There are also available call center trainings & so many other options.

            2. Scholarships

            There are numerous scholarship programs the governmnet is offering to ‘poor but deserving students”:

            • Kabataang Pilipino Inc. – I don’t know much about the specific details but CLICK HERE to find more.
            • The DOST Scholarship program
            • Filipino Iskolar – this is for International & local studies.
            • Pinoy Scholar – provides a list of discounts and scholarships available across the Philippines. This is not exactly a scholarship. This is a site where list of different schools offering discounts in tution fees is listed. There are specific province names in aplhabetical order.

            3. Then there’s the CHED’s (Commission on Higher Education) STUDY NOW PAY LATER PROGRAM – as the name suggests they will loan money to students whose applications are approved & the student have to pay it later, when he/she is already working.

            Not bad right?? Here are the specific details:


            A. LEGAL BASIS

            1. R.A. 8545 amending R.A. 6728

            B. CLIENTELE

            Deserving College Students


            Selected Private HEIs


            Priority Courses


            1. Filipino citizen
            2.Currently enrolled or intend to enroll in any of the CHED-priority courses
            3.Not more than 30 years of age at the time the application for loan
            4. With 75 percentile rank or above in the National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT)
            5.Have a weighted average of 2.5 or higher in the last semester in college, if attended any
            6.With parents/guardians having a gross annual income of not more than P150,000.00
            7.Not presently enjoying any scholarship or study grant


            1. Latest BIR Income Tax Return (ITR) of applicant’s parents/ guardians
            2. High School Report Card (Form 138), for incoming freshmen
            3. Official enrollment certificate and statement of accounts for those with college units
            4. Official report of ratings or certificate of grades for the last semester attended issued by the school registrar or dean, with an average of not lower than 2.5 for those with college units, and
            5. Certification of guarantee of loan by a GSIS/SSS member guarantor


            1. Secure application form from the College Registrar of a private HEIs authorized by CHED to administer the SNPLP or from the CHED Regional Office, and
            2. Submit the accomplished form together with the required documents to the Registrar’s Office
            3. Wait for the notice form the CHED Regional Office if accepted or not to the program


            A maximum loan of P 7,250.00 per semester to cover tuition and other school fees

            I think this would be all for now. But surely if I’ve heard & seen some scholarships again I will update as soon as I can. I hope this is helpful..You can post questions if you want. I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge & capabilities. Thanks!


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