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The Book Lover’s Club in Camarin

The executives from Anvil Publishing
This MIBF event logo

The Manila International Book Fair in Mall of Asia
There were different company stalls showcasing their wonderful books.

Books!! Books!!

If you are a book lover then you should enlist yourself in the Book Lover’s Club in Camarin. It’s a newly-established club in UCC & is now recognized by the university through the unselfish efforts of Prof. Francisco, the new lady librarian (sorry I forgot her name) & the club president Mr. Renan, a BS TLE junior. I myself is a member of the club & I got to interview Renan as a senior staff of the “then” The Crossroads. I was able to finish the article but I’m not sure if it will get published due to the afore-mentioned “problem”.

Since it’s debut in the university it has been conducting different fund-raising programs to make our beloved library more conducive for learning & studying, like selling tickets & contests. As a member of the club it’s also our duty to take turns in rendering services to the library. We get to be the assistant librarian for the meantime. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do this due to my work commitments. But if I’ll have the time I definitely will. It also conducts seminars like the one we had before entitled “The Book Binding Seminar”. There was also the field trip for the members to MOA when the MIBF was held last September 16-20. It was filled with different fun & educational activities according to what I’ve read & heard. (huhu I wasn’t able to come again)

Their recent accomplishment is the aircondition in the library which is now fully functional. Hmmm…it’s really now good to stay in the library & spend the day researching. I am still full of anticipations for this club to do good for our university. I know that in the years to come this will be one of the best clubs in the university.


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Payment Schemes

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In University of Caloocan City

there are 2 schemes for tution fee.

Scheme 1 – for Caloocan City Residents – the tution fee ranges from 1,000 – 1,500

But before you could ever gain this you have to go through a lot.

1. You have to show your high school & elementary diploma saying that you grdauated in a school within the boundaries of Caloocan City.

2. Your parent(s) must have a voter’s ID showing that the are registered in caloocan City.

3. For originally non-Caloocan resident like me..I had to register in COMELEC, show my voter’s certificate, have a confirmation signed by the registrar that you ae now on the scheme 1.

Scheme 2 – For non-Caloocan residents

I used to be in this scheme. I paid around 2,000 – 3,000 pesos when I was in first year. It really looks cheap already when compared to other university’s fee but when you compare it to your fellow classmates in the scheme 1 you’d think that it’s unfair!

You can pay partially when you are in Scheme 2 – but you have to pay the rest before the midterm or final exam. For scheme 1 it’s also possible to pay partially but you’d have to make a letter stating your reason & you have to be there personally.
2. Org Fee – this one is based on the department you belong to. For instance In Psychology Department, we have the Psychological Society – we pay 40 pesos each. Other courses pay 70 pesos & less.
3. The Crossroads – here we pay 4o pesos each sem. But just recently we did not pay for it since there is some problem between the org & the admin.
4. There’s also the insurance which is I think around 15 pesos. This is paid every school year.
5. When you’ll be having computer subjects you also have to pay extra for the lab fee – it’s for the use of computer & aircon & etc.

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A 2009 Graduation Video Clip

This is just a video clip of 2009 Graduation. Video credit from 12chrich‘s youtube account!!

Batch 2009 Graduates singing their fairwell song “One Friend”

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UCC Pep Squad – P.E. Day 2009

This is from oninthegreat‘s youtube account.

Opening Number from the UCC Pep Squad – Main Campus

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UCC Pep Squad – IVIM 2007


This is taken from agentcocoy‘s youtube profile. Click here for the link.

As of today November 25, 2009 08:43 PM – these are the comments…

*Comments taken from the youtube account

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MsMaiNipin (26 minutes ago) Show Hide ko po to sa blog ko for UCC ah???

kawasakifury (1 day ago) Show Hide

la lang . kasi nagulat lang ako may pep squad pla ang ucc.. galing kasi ako sa school n ean , but now nagtransfer nk hehe. ge

kawasakifury (1 week ago) Show Hide

is this university of caloocan city ?

certifiedheadturner (1 day ago) Show Hide

yeah!! bket po!?

optimusprime03 (2 months ago) Show Hide

lab iit xo much ..kemeng keme nan UCC ean .. kelan kea maxaxali an UCC sxa UAAP?hehe ..lanawan , ann josette COMSEC 1-C

certifiedheadturner (9 months ago) Show Hide

oi kua onin! my nagcomment taray mu ahh.. kaw pinupuri! hahahah NJ!hayaan mu my backtucks and layout na kme!

tadjol (9 months ago) Show Hide

gud height of the basket toss.dagdagan lang ng invertion lyk backtucks and layouts .pls practice on partner stunts yun ang kulang..tumbling passes has only cartwheels practice round offs and handsprings..spotters shud be alert when there is a 2 and a half stunt or a major fall..gud pyramids..pls. require the cheerers on a full squad flexibiity…i lyk the choreography..all in all maganda..from: National cheerleading championship finalist

Rhayle17 (11 months ago) Show Hide

hoooo pamatay go UCC nandun kame nanonood niyan from aljon g. yap

idoletulle (11 months ago) Show Hide

woi! mga auf! anu na balita???? gawa nga kayu ng multiply site nyu! ^^ kuya onin may ask ako! may kapatid ka ba na lalake??

shekinah02blessing (1 year ago) Show Hide

wow!nmn ang ucc humahataw n..not bad..kaya lang practice p..d p masyadong malinis at pulido ung galaw cguro dahil 1st tym at sa kaba n rin..pero ok un..i’m proud to be uccians lalo kong namimis ang ucc..heheheGod Bless..

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comment pah comment pah!sakit ng leeg qw.. T_T

slurpheeh (1 year ago) Show Hide

WOw ang galing dw namen!yehey!my nka-pancn din!

oninthegreat (1 year ago) Show Hide


vaine1125 (1 year ago) Show Hide

akalain mu yun???i haven’t seen them perform yet in person sa you tube ko lang pla makikita kunggnucla kagaling:) nice one

oninthegreat (1 year ago) Show Hide

ngek….thanks ndin…sa pag sabi na mgaling cla…

slurpheeh (1 year ago) Show Hide

pra nmn taung ng endorse ng hotdog sandwich,may ketchup and mustard pang conversation…hahaha!

chickzboyz17 (1 year ago) Show Hide

its si nice but may nag kamali pero bilib din ako sa gurl lkas ng loob hahahaamaganda ung performance pero sana sa susunod pagbutihan pa ^_^

mscoldheart017 (1 year ago) Show Hide

burger, burger, burger…

alwyn089 (1 year ago) Show Hide

wow nice stunts…and yah the colors are like Ketchup and Masturds…!!!cool outfit.. niice…

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UCC Institutional Promotion

Here’s an Institutional Promotion made by a brilliant UCCian named aftertimo (name on youtube)

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Currently, there are 3 majors in BS PSYCHOLOGY

1. IP – Industrial Psychology – as the name suggests this is about HR. The theories & organizational strategies in a working place.

Probable Jobs: HR Staff, Office Staff & etc.

2. SPED – Special Education – this focuses on educating special children.

Practices involved: Sign Language, Knowledge on different cases of special children.

Probable Jobs: SPED Teacher

3. GC – Guidance & Counselling – this focuses on school settings

Probable Jobs: School Guidance Counsellor & etc…

Department Head of Psychology Department: Dr. Bernadeth Enriquez

* Don’t say BS Psycho if you don’t to be glared at by Psych majors. It should be Psych pronounced like SAYK

*The majors are determined on the 2nd semester of 3rd Year – You’ll be the one to decide about that but it will also depend on your GWA or generalweighted average.

Note: The majors do not limit a student to only one type of job. For example an IP major doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she can’t be a school guidance counsellor or vice versa.

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University of Caloocan City Chorale

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UCC Chorale Members

Guesting at the Phase 1 Auditorium UCC Dance Troupe Concert October 2007
Sing for Me, the GMA Christmas Choir Festival 09 December 2007 Marikina Sports Center

Prof. Ernani Baetiong, UCC Chorale head

University of Caloocan City Chorale (UCC Chorale) is the premiere cultural ambassador of the proud city of heroes, Caloocan City and the institution of higher learning enshrined in its name.


Re-established in July 2006, the choir has since stretched its borders by not only performing in university and city functions, but also to other high-profile engagements such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development‘s (DSWD) “Sing for Me” program which aims to raise funds for under-privileged children, and the Department of TourismNational Capital Region‘s (DOT-NCR) “Paskong-Pasko sa Metro Manila 2007 Chorale Competition.”

The Conductor

The chorale’s conductor is Professor Ernani Baetiong, composer, arranger and conductor who studied choral conducting under the wings of renowned National Artist for Music Maestro Lucio San Pedro at Sta. Isabel College, and Sr. Mary Placid Abejo of St. Scholastica’s College of Music.

Originally trained in solo instrument performance, he first studied under legendary brass band conductor Professor Benedicto San Jose, and his son Romy San Jose, Doctor of Music who earned his degree from the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music. He lated moved on to train with Professor Garry Silangcruz of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and faculty member of the UST Conservatory.

In his young life as a musician he ventured into applying his skills and knowledge to train church choirs and fellow musicians. He has spent more than twenty years offering his services to churches and has helped train hundreds of singers and accompanists in these times.

In college at the University of Santo Tomas College of Science (where he took-up his pre-med B.S. Biology), he went back to his roots of playing the flute and joined the UST ROTC Band and sought further training by momentarily joining the UST Singers as trainee, under the baton of Prof. Fidel Calalang, musical genius extraordinaire who steered the UST Singers into winning the title Choir of the World in 1995.

To further expand his horizons, he joined and trained with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) as Artist/Teacher where he became part of critically acclaimed productions such as Operetang Tatlong Pera (adaptation of Three Penny Opera) starring Monique Wilson, Mario O’Hara and Lou Veloso, Summer Dreamin’ (adaptation of A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream) and the Laboratory Theater presentation of Buhay Lotto. In this field he earned his knowledge through the help of outstanding theater personalities such as Palanca Award Winner Rody Vera, Women’s Award winner Dr. Glecy Atienza, Ma. Gloriosa Cabangon, Maribel Legarda, Soxie Topacio, Ernie Cloma, Raul Alfonso, Raffy Tejada, Nilo Yacat, and Noel Cabangon. He studied Modern Dance/Jazz Ballet at the Cultural Center of the Philippines . He also became Musical Director and Artistic Advisor of Dulaang Apolonio Samson and staged the riveting Ka Apolonio Samson, a musical about the Philippine Independence Movement of 1896, which was awarded a spot in the 1st National Theater Festival at Intramuros, Manila.

In July of 2003 in recognition of his respectable musical works and contributions, he was tapped as Juror of the 16th Awit Awards by the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry (PARI), for which he screened the category of Ballads, in which the entry Hanggang (Wency Cornejo) won the year’s award for Best Ballad Song.
And from hereon, he has and still does arrangement/composition/training stints for various corporate clients (including Triple-V Group of Companies, Oracle, AMA Computer College, Ayala Land Inc., PLDT, Philippine Maritime Institute and the Ayala Museum) and churches (Catholic, Aglipayan and Lutheran).

In June of 2006 he was appointed as Conductor of the revitalized University of Caloocan City Chorale, which has since retrofitted itself away from the conventional notion of chorale and mixed voice singing, and towards the path of an all-around show choir, not only focused on singing, but now a total entertainment package rolled into one, with acts and dances similar to Broadway Musicals, to skits and spiels depicting real-life situations infused into song and presented as a complete storyline onstage.


The groups is composed of students from the University of Caloocan City. Being an honor’s program, members are granted scholarship benefits and are required to maintain an above average grade point average, making the group composed not only of talented individuals, but also promising students in each of their chosen fields of study.


University of Caloocan City’s Most Outstanding Organization for School Year 2007-2008
Paskong Pasko sa Metro Manila Chorale Competition 6th Place
Plaque of Appreciation from the DSWD for contributions to the Sing for Me project

The contents are from Wikipedia.

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UCC Basic Info

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University of Caloocan City

The University of Caloocan City (UCC) is located in Sangandaan, Caloocan City, the Philippines. UCC-Main is at Sangandaan Annexes, Tandang Sora, Camarin and Buena Park.

The University of Caloocan City was formed in 2004 out of Caloocan City Polytechnic College, which had been founded in 1971.

Its first programs are Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Industrial Education (BSIE) and B.S. Business Technology (BSBT).

The school had first been located in a building at Caloocan High School. It transferred to its present location (at General San. Miguel St. Sangandaan, Caloocan City) when the first building burned.

CCPC or Caloocan City Polytechnic College started as a two-year course college in 1971 and offered four-year courses in 1975. Its first programs are Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Education (BSIE) and B.S. Business Technology (BSBT).

In January 23, 2004, Caloocan City Council unanimously approved the Ordinance 1020-2003 principally authored by then councilor Gonzalez Jr. authorized the city government to convert the existing Caloocan City Polytechnic College into a full-pledged university. The initially city hall-funded tertiary educational institution will henceforth be called as University of Caloocan City, the lone public university in Caloocan.

In April 20, 2006, the 32nd Commencement Exercise took place at Folk Arts Theater, Manila. BSIE is the first to call to come at the stage which is a tradition at the Commencement Exercises.

In 2004, the Caloocan City Polytechnic College (CCPC) became a full-fledged university, and offers a wide array of courses from different studies, namely:
Different Courses:
College of Education
Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED)
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Technology and Livelihood Education (BSE-TLE)
Bachelor of Science major in Science (BS-SCI)
College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BST)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPSYCH)
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (ABPOLSCI)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (ABMATH)
Bachelor of Arts in English (ABENGLISH)
Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM)
Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)
College of Business and Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Major in:
Accountancy (BSA)
Management Accounting (BSBAMNAC)
Management (BSBA)
Marketing (BSBAMKTG)
Marketing Management (BSBAMKTGMGT)
Financial Management (BSBAFMGT)
Human Resource Department Management (BSBAHRDM)
College of Computer Studies
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCOMSCI)
Bachelor of Science in Office Adminitration (BSOAd)
Bachelor in Science in Information Management (BSIM)
2-years computer secretarial (Ladderized)
This entry is copied & pasted from wikipedia

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First Day of Class

..hello!! have landed here so I guess you are curious about my school just like me few years ago!!

Let’s assume that this is the first day of class so before anything’s done introductions are essential…

I made this to help the inquiries of some UCC & soon to be UCC students from different campuses.

Just call me Ms. Mai Nipin. (Ms. Impatient) I’m from UCC-Camarin 3rd year BS Psychology student major in Industrial Psychology….I’m also a senior staff of the now denounced The Crossroads – the university official publication. I am a working student struggling to make ends meet kahit mura na tuition natin (UCCian). I’m working full time in a call center but it’s a little different from call centers like Teletech, Convergys & etc.Scheme 1 na nga pla ako…hmmm…ano pa ba>> Well I think that would be all for now!!

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